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 [[https://​​packages|Alpine Linux Packages]] [[https://​​packages|Alpine Linux Packages]]
 <​code:​cli>​ <​code:​cli>​
-## List installed packages:+list installed packages:
 apk info -vv | sort | tee packages.txt apk info -vv | sort | tee packages.txt
-## Setup package repositories:​ +setup package repositories:​ 
-$> setup-apkrepos+setup-apkrepos
-## Update ​the package list: +update ​the package list: 
-$> apk update+apk --progress ​update
-## List all available packages with descriptions:​ +list all available packages with descriptions:​ 
-$> apk search -v+apk search -v
-## List all packages that are part of the ACF system: +list all packages that are part of the ACF system: 
-$> apk search -v '​acf*'​+apk search -v '​acf*'​
-## List all packages that have NTP in their description:​ +list all packages that have NTP in their description:​ 
-$> apk search -v --description '​NTP'​+apk search -v --description '​NTP'​
-## Package ​information:​ +package ​information:​ 
-$> apk info -a <​package-name>​+apk info -a <​package-name>​
-## Determine ​which package a file belongs to: +determine ​which package a file belongs to: 
-$> apk info --who-owns </​path/​to/​file>​+apk info --who-owns </​path/​to/​file>​
-## List installed packages: +list installed packages: 
-$> apk info+apk info
-## List installed packages in alphabetical order: +list installed packages in alphabetical order: 
-$> apk info -vv | sort+apk info -vv | sort
-## Install ​a package: +install ​a package: 
-$> apk add <​package-name>​+apk --progress ​add <​package-name>​
-## Remove ​a package: +remove ​a package: 
-$> apk del <​package-name>​+apk --progress ​del <​package-name>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 =====Upgrading/​Updating:​===== =====Upgrading/​Updating:​=====
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