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 +====== Linux/*BSD Desktop Install ======
 +===== Overview =====
 +Install, configure, and document installation of Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” - network install
 +The following steps are required to install Ubuntu v9.10 using a network install. ​
 +The installation notes are specific to the Dell. 
 +Installation on similar machines should be identical, but be aware there may be minor differences.
 +==== Starting the NetBoot ====
 +Start up the computer, hen bios splash screen is displayed, press “F12”. This will allow you to specify the boot medium. If an integrated NIC option is not available, enter bios setup and enable.
 +          ​
 +The system will display “Lair Network Boot Menu”
 +Select the following options:
 +  *32bit (i386)
 +  *Ubuntu/​i386 Netboot”
 +  *Install Karmic 9.10 [text]”
 +==== Obtaining Ubuntu Release ====
 +To be begin the installation of the operating system, you must select a few preliminary options.
 +  *Language selection - Choose <​English>​
 +  *Country selection - Choose <United States>
 +  *Detect keyboard layout - Choose <No>
 +  *Keyboard origin - Select “USA”
 +  *Additional keyboard layout - Select “USA”
 +  *The system will now configure your network so that it will be able to obtain the release. (dramatic pause)
 +  *Enter hostname - Select a unique name to identify the computer on the network.
 +  *Choose Mirror - This will be unique to Lab46, if you are on an outside network, select a mirror close to your physical location.
 +  *At location selection, scroll to the top of the list and select “enter manually”
 +  *Type “mirror” in the field, and enter, leaving the next two input fields blank.
 +  *The release will now be obtained.
 +==== Partitioning the Hard Drive ====
 +  *Configure the clock - select “Eastern”
 +     The system will now load modules and start the partitioner.
 +   ​*Partitioning
 +     ​Select “Guided - Use Entire Disk”
 +     ​Select the partition and enter.
 +     You will receve a warning that the partitioner will erase all data and ask you to confirm, select <yes>
 +     The system will now format and partition the drive (dramatic pause).
 +==== Installation ====
 +        ​
 +  *The system will ask for a user and a password, enter a username and a secure password.
 +  *Next the system will ask if you want to encript, this is a personal option, but default is <no>
 +  *Installation will now configure APT and install the base software (dramatic pause)
 +  *System will ask how to manage updates, default is “No Automatic Updates”
 +  *Now the system will install the base system (dramatic pause)
 +The next menu will be the installation of Optional Software.
 +  *Scroll to “Ubuntu Desktop” on the list of software, and press space to select, then <​enter>​ to continue.
 +Installation will now download and install the optional software, this may take time.
 +When complete, the system will prompt you with “Finish the Installation” and ask if the system clock is set to UTC, select <yes>
 +The system will now prompt “Finish the Installation”,​ when ready press <​continue>​ and the system will reboot.
 +==== Starting the System and Installing WINE ====
 +After the system reboots, Ubuntu will load and prompt you for your username and password (You did write these down did you not?)
 +To obtain WINE (A Windows Emulator)
 +  *Select “Applications” on the top left of the screen, scroll down and select “Ubuntu Software Center”
 +  *When the Software Center window pops up, type “wine” in the search field to the top right.
 +  *You will now see a list of software, select “Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer” and select “Install”
 +  *The system will prompt for password, enter password and authenticate.
 +    ​
 +Wine will now be downloaded and installed on the system.
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