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What is the question you'd like to pose for experimentation? State it here.


Collect information and resources (such as URLs of web resources), and comment on knowledge obtained that you think will provide useful background information to aid in performing the experiment.


Based on what you've read with respect to your original posed question, what do you think will be the result of your experiment (ie an educated guess based on the facts known). This is done before actually performing the experiment.

State your rationale.


How are you going to test your hypothesis? What is the structure of your experiment?


Perform your experiment, and collect/document the results here.


Based on the data collected:

  • was your hypothesis correct?
  • was your hypothesis not applicable?
  • is there more going on than you originally thought? (shortcomings in hypothesis)
  • what shortcomings might there be in your experiment?
  • what shortcomings might there be in your data?


What can you ascertain based on the experiment performed and data collected? Document your findings here; make a statement as to any discoveries you've made.

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