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If you're doing an experiment instead of a retest, delete this section.

If you've opted to test the experiment of someone else, delete the experiment section and steps above; perform the following steps:

State Experiment

Whose existing experiment are you going to retest? Prove the URL, note the author, and restate their question.


Evaluate their resources and commentary. Answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel the given resources are adequate in providing sufficient background information?
  • Are there additional resources you've found that you can add to the resources list?
  • Does the original experimenter appear to have obtained a necessary fundamental understanding of the concepts leading up to their stated experiment?
  • If you find a deviation in opinion, state why you think this might exist.


State their experiment's hypothesis. Answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel their hypothesis is adequate in capturing the essence of what they're trying to discover?
  • What improvements could you make to their hypothesis, if any?


Follow the steps given to recreate the original experiment. Answer the following questions:

  • Are the instructions correct in successfully achieving the results?
  • Is there room for improvement in the experiment instructions/description? What suggestions would you make?
  • Would you make any alterations to the structure of the experiment to yield better results? What, and why?


Publish the data you have gained from your performing of the experiment here.


Answer the following:

  • Does the data seem in-line with the published data from the original author?
  • Can you explain any deviations?
  • How about any sources of error?
  • Is the stated hypothesis adequate?


Answer the following:

  • What conclusions can you make based on performing the experiment?
  • Do you feel the experiment was adequate in obtaining a further understanding of a concept?
  • Does the original author appear to have gotten some value out of performing the experiment?
  • Any suggestions or observations that could improve this particular process (in general, or specifically you, or specifically for the original author).
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