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Daily Reports

Summer of 2012


Minutes reports meeting
gw reconfg vpn
c107 4pat vm
ccc vm openvpn
hadoop → mpi3 → ccc
questions at the meet
1.) does hadoop know how too get local data? yes
2.)can hadoop data applications be controlled? yes


In the lab today, counting up and lining up machine for cluster. Router bits-optiplex gx240 first cluster - 6x dell dimension 4600
second cluster - 8x -optiplex gx240
third cluster - mixed and unready
fourth cluster - 6x dell dimension 4600


Installed OS on machines.


Installed Open Java JDK on all the machines.


Network problem setting the machine dynamically.!
Tried statically setting ip to old ip address(192.168.202.X/24)


Still having network problems… Met with joe to solve them, Joe met with Nick earlier that day.


Still having network problems, configured the machine to have hadoop connected to the java directory(used the bitsgw for a template.) bitsgw has it configured to $HOME=/etc/java/jdk for example..


bitsgw was setup to work along in hadoop now need to configure to work with the other machines… looking into configuration
making a cluster.


Network fixed statically, hadoop configurations for NameNode/DataNode and JobTracker/TaskTracker. still confused on how these files are created or made looking for examples…

looking at the machines and ran the following command: egrep -c '(vmx|svm)' /proc/cpuinfo
seems that none of the dells in the lab work for open nebula…

more support research for opennebula…
next project is setup for pxe server. Want to create a pxe server in order to have nodes for hadoop be created and used on the fly!

6/26/12-7/1/12 together we were able to create something!


Moved Hadoop master node from BitGW to PC2… all other nodes are moved down one!


Create user NICK on BITSGW, documentation:
Also had a meeting in C221 on Project:BITS-included Matt, Nick, Scott, Eward, Joe, Me.


More and revise version of the Bits project documentation! Working more on the network documentation and Reconnecting the VPN connection with corning and sunyit. Had a meeting with Joe Wednesday 7/15/12. Organized Machines and separate the Hadoop machine from bits router.


looking at making a internal network for hadoop machines.



Setup for the machines is complete and vpn is up. The network setup with a intranet.


started working on a custom iso with hadoop already installed.



Meeting with Joe discussion on how his script with work with my custom iso. Joe edited the pxe server and did a refresh. Talked about generating the keys for the node in order to do a passwordless login. Custom iso is Ubuntu server 12.04 with bin/except needed.

Fall 2012 Semester


Researched services to accomplish our goal PXE, NETBOOT, NFS server.
Just to make clear what we want is a diskless networking boot of hadoop machines that can be created dynamically. X amount of nodes with a virtual master node and a virtual router w/ vpn setup to other routers.




“Matt's email” Here's on online LDAP book I have heard good things about:

First testing step would be to set up a local server, put a few users in it, and configure a few clients to authenticate, and get that to work.

When you're ready, I've always been particularly fond of these tutorials:


Have been working with OpenLdap on a local machine and written documentation in google drive.

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