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This page contains information on some of the projects students are undertaking or are in existence.


The LAIRwall is a tiled display wall consisting of 12 LCDs.


  • Add better description
  • Add pictures
  • Description of backend technologies (DMX, Cromium)
  • config files


On our HPC cluster, we are participating in the GIMPS project.


  • Describe/provide link to GIMPS
  • Name: LAIR_at_CCC
  • Inventory of machines participating

Wii-mote Smartboard

In the Fall of 2009, a makeshift smart board was created using 2 Nintendo Wii-motes, an Infrared Pen, and free software.

More information can be found at this HOWTO page

Multiseat Linux workstation

In our ever-increasing environmental awareness, as well as ever-seeking to pursue the maximum possible utilization of available resources, we are exploring the setup of multi-seat workstations.


  • pictures/diagrams
  • description


BITS, or “Bunch of Interconnected Technology Stuff”, is a collaboration of HPC resources between Corning Community College, SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY IT.


  • pictures/diagrams
  • description
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