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 ======Projects====== ======Projects======
 +**Pct0** ​
 +Letter Division. This project takes elite level concentration and basic knowledge of long division.
 +If you need to review long division this link helps quite a bit: (http://​​downloadable/​longdivisionreview.pdf)
 +This project is probably the most frustrating of all.
 +Here are some tips to help cope:
 +  * Hydrate! Water is crucial for your brain to operate at peak performance. You will also dehydrate yourself from the tears you shed.
 +  * Find a healthy way to release stress. You don't want to end up taking out your frustration on others. Try doing some push-ups or screaming into a pillow.
 +  * Take frequent breaks. This is super important. The more you stare the puzzle the more frustrated you will get. Step away from it, take a walk, take a nap, (if you started early enough) take your time.
 +  * Drink green tea. The combination of caffeine and l-theanine gives you a nice clear mental boost.
 +  * Stay calm. It'll be OK.
 ======URLs====== ======URLs======
 Helpful for webpage project. Helpful for webpage project.
 [[https://​​cheatsheet.php]] [[https://​​cheatsheet.php]]
 +Some good information about the Printf command:
 ======Notes====== ======Notes======
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 You can prefix many of these commands (i.e. with numbers for repitition)\\ You can prefix many of these commands (i.e. with numbers for repitition)\\
 +__**Regular Expressions**__\\
 +__Basic Regular Expresions (regex)__\\
 +$     end of line\\
 +\?    match 0 or 1 of the previous\\
 +.     match any single symbol\\
 +*     match 0 or more of the previous\\
 +[]    match any one of the enclosed\\
 +[^ ]  do not match any one of the enclosed\\
 +\<    match start of word\\
 +\>    match end of word\\
 +Tools that use these include:\\
 +vim, grep, sed, awk\\
 +__Extended regex__\\
 ++      one or more of the previous\\
 +()     ​goup\\
 +\( \)  regex group\\
 +tools that use these include:\\
 +vim, egrep, sed, awk\\
 =====EXTRA===== =====EXTRA=====
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 =====DokuWiki wrap plugin===== =====DokuWiki wrap plugin=====
 http://​​_media/​plugin:​wrap_plugin_example2.png http://​​_media/​plugin:​wrap_plugin_example2.png
 +<WRAP important>​ The Link above provides fun ways to jazz up a Wiki page. </​WRAP>​
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