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 -'hg commit -m "​description here"'​ (tracks changes with a comment)\\ ​ -'hg commit -m "​description here"'​ (tracks changes with a comment)\\ ​
 -'hg push' (updates repository with commits) -'hg push' (updates repository with commits)
 +Commands That we Have Learned:\\
 +(Note: commands are used as written so if capitalized it needs to be capitalized and if a " " is used you need to put what is in there.)
 +  * ls - Lists the files in your current directory. If combined with a -l (ls -l) will give more info including permissions for the files.
 +  * pwd - print the working directory. Will show you where you currently are.
 +  * cd - change directory. Allows you to change your current directory. You can set up the absolute path to go through multiple directories in one command.
 +  * mkdir "​name"​ - make a new directory with the name "​name"​
 +  * cp "name of file you wish to copy" "where you are copying it" - copies the file and put it somewhere if combined with a -R you copy a directory
 +  * mv "name of file you wish to move" "where to move/new name" - allows you to move a file to a different directory. If in the second argument the name is not a directory it will rename the file to what was imputed."​
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