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Line 72: Line 72:
 maneuver around the obstacles that may cause you maneuver around the obstacles that may cause you
 harm. harm.
 +In the kingdom of Polygonia, The twin nobles
 +Prince Radii and Princess Diameter have been 
 +kidnapped by the Notorious Troll Nunia. Nunia 
 +you may ask? Nunia business. As the only shape
 +able to jump, you must go on a great voyage ​
 +to stop Nunia from enacting his terrible plans, ​
 +rescue Radii and Diameter from a inevitable death,
 +and save Polygonia from plunging into darkness.
 ==Possible Obstacles== ==Possible Obstacles==
   * walls   * walls
Line 86: Line 96:
   * Death/start over   * Death/start over
   * End cut scene   * End cut scene
 +  * different jump heights
   * Add a thread for the animation   * Add a thread for the animation
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