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HPC Fundamentals Course Notes wiki

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For those unfamiliar, here is a page on wiki editing syntax that can be used here.

Course Notes Wiki

This is a space for members of the HPC Fundamentals class to create a source of information reflective and assisting to the course.

Aside from assignments that may have you specifically perform operations here, you should contribute when you encounter any of the following:

  • Some neat bit of information related to the class
  • Some clarification or understanding you've had with respect to concepts in the class
  • Organizational/style improvements to existing content
  • Questions you have that may deserve a more visual answer

Computer Hardware Basics

1. Power Supply

  • Receives power from the wall in AC form, then converts it to a more stable DC form which will not overload certain circuits.
  • Sends power in various voltages to different parts of the computer through color-coated wires.

2. Hard Drive

  • This is where we save data that we do not want to be lost. It has wires called “SATA” wires connected to it for data and power transfer.
  • It is usually solid and contains disks on which data is kept.

3. RAM (Random Access Memory)

  • Temporary data storage
  • come in the forms of several smallish sticks. These hold a lot of data, but cannot store things when the power is removed from them.

4. Heat Sinks

  • Look similar to metal “combs” or a series of tall parallel planes. Their purpose is to prevent pieces from overheating, which can warp them and is bad for the computer in general.
  • These are Passively Cooling, there is also active cooling in the form of fans or water cooled systems.

5. Motherboard

  • Contains all the essential information on the computer
  • If you connect the pins in the pwd thing you can bypass security like some kinda hacker.

How to Search/Install/Uninstall in Debian

  • sudo apt-cache search “something” :: This is useful for finding exactly the program package you want, such as man-db, manpages, and manpages-dev. Those will help you immensely with using things you know nothing about!
  • sudo apt-get install “something” :: This is used to install the thing which you want. It is case sensitive, so make sure to type the exact package you want.
  • sudo apt-get update :: Update everything you've installed, but do not push the updates to the software yet. Also updates the apt-cache.
  • sudo apt-get upgrade :: Push the update to all software on your system. Be careful, it may break your system if there is a bad bug in the new update!
  • sudo apt-get remove –purge “something” :: Will completely remove the program specified, including any “crumbs” leftover.
  • sudo dpkg -l :: This will display any programs/packages you currently have installed. Useful to check what you have and don't have.

Raspberry Pi / Electronics

A useful beginner's guide on LEDs (especially how to calculate the ideal resistance):

The Infrared LEDs we have (note the input voltage (1.5VDC) and amperage (50mA → 0.05A)):

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