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HPC Fundamentals Course Notes wiki

Login Problems

Some people have reported problems logging into the wiki. There seems to be two sources of problems experienced:

  • User cannot log in.
  • User cannot log in using “Secure Login”.

If you are confident you are using the correct username and password, and are using a version of Internet Explorer, it is suggested that you use a different browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

If the “Secure Login” doesn't seem to be working for you, the behavior seems to occur when user passwords contain symbols like quote marks and asterisks. In which case, you can either:

  • Uncheck “Use Secure Login”. This sort of defeats the purpose of having security though, so it isn't outwardly recommended.
  • Change your password to something that doesn't contain quote marks or asterisks. We don't yet know exactly which characters cause this problem, but we suspect it is characters that aren't being properly escaped that could have special syntactical meaning.


For those unfamiliar, here is a page on wiki editing syntax that can be used here.

Course Notes Wiki

This is a space for members of the HPC Fundamentals class to create a source of information reflective and assisting to the course.

Aside from assignments that may have you specifically perform operations here, you should contribute when you encounter any of the following:

  • Some neat bit of information related to the class
  • Some clarification or understanding you've had with respect to concepts in the class
  • Organizational/style improvements to existing content
  • Questions you have that may deserve a more visual answer

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