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Line 246: Line 246:
 ====Portal Kombat==== ====Portal Kombat====
 Created by Stephen Created by Stephen
-This will be a primitive form of Mortal Kombat+This will be a primitive form of Mortal Kombat... but with portals!
     *TODO     *TODO
       * New sprites ​ x       * New sprites ​ x
Line 263: Line 263:
       * End Game Stuff       * End Game Stuff
         * Life decreasing x         * Life decreasing x
-        * FINISH HIM! (mostly done; works for p2)+        * FINISH HIM! x
       * Bonus stuff       * Bonus stuff
-        * Restarting ​(put an interrupt in the cycle?)+        * Restarting ​x
         * Second level???         * Second level???
 +        * Change the way Thing attack works (Thing is definitely not a viable option at this point)
 +        * Show character names when arrow is over the sprite
 ====Boss Breaker==== ====Boss Breaker====
   * Jimito   * Jimito
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