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Computer Organization Course Notes Page

Course Notes Wiki

This is a space for members of the Computer Organization class to create a source of information reflective and assisting to the course.

Aside from assignments that may have you specifically perform operations here, you should contribute when you encounter any of the following:

  • Some neat bit of information related to the class
  • Some clarification or understanding you've had with respect to concepts in the class
  • Organizational/style improvements to existing content
  • Questions you have that may deserve a more visual answer

Helpful Things

    NOP or nop- no operation, takes two exact cycles to execute,simplest   way to "wait"
    ; - Comment Symbol 
    SEG - Segment, 
    ORG - Basically int main(), Starting place goes after
    lda - Load Accumulator Register (ld) load (a) Accumulator
           - # Means Immediate
    sta - Takes value in accumulator and stores in some memory (st) store (a) accumulator register -> address
    inx - (in) increment (x) X register
    jmp - Jump, unconditionally snaps to a point 
    brX - A conditional jump (bz) branch if zero (beq) branch if equal
    % - Binary value
    $ - Hex Value

Address Ranges

    $0000 - $007F : TIA Registers
    $0080 - $00FF : RAM
    $0200 - $02FF : RIOT registers
    $1000 - $1FFF : ROM

Atari Programming for Newbies: Link
Stella's Programming Guide: Link

Cycle Ranges

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