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comporg week12

April 24th, 2019

The name of the game has changed this week as the focus of my efforts have shifted from expanding on our ideas on the game to finding out simplistic ways of reducing the size of my code. Due to the hardware limitations of the NES, I need to be careful about how my code is structured. Once I began looking at my code to see what I can slim down on it, I was able to eliminate a few dangling variables such as asteroidTimer, which I simply replaced with the already existing main clock. After looking over Haas' code for his pong game, I've been playing with the idea of making a separate function for hit detection in which I pass a struct comprised of the x and y coordinates of the two objects.

sysprog week12

April 24th, 2019

Last week I mentioned that the boss level will involve circling Nunia while he throws spikes at you. It turns out it the looping was as simple as I was expecting it to be. Once an object touches the edge of the screen, it is teleported far right off of the screen, imitating repeated ground. Although the platforms will already be set on the map, Nunia will launch spikes from the sky in set up locations. To damage Nunia, the square must climb the platform stairs and hit him on the head Mario style. When he takes damage, things will get more difficult however. On the first hit he will break the platform stairs so you can no longer climb that way. Instead you must use portals to climb the distance. Afterwards, Nunia will put his own portals next to yours, making it difficult not to slip into his portal and fall into some conveniently placed spikes.

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