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 =====unix week9===== =====unix week9=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====March 262019==== 
 +Can't believe the semester is over halfway done, it's gone by pretty fast. Or at least it seemed to in hindsight, the weeks are long but the months are short. Just about finished up with upf1, struggling a little bit with the script but almost have it figured out. Also supposed to finish up the group project, spf0 today. I'm working with a really good group, they sort of make me feel behind thought. I mean they are computer science majors thought, and this is my first time ever doing any sort of coding. I guess progress is different for everyone. Although they are way ahead of my skill level, I am still make steady progress. I put a for-loop in my most recent script and I'm really proud of that because that's something i really didn't understand at all. The trick really is not being afraid to try things. I also put Linux mint onto my laptop, never seen that coming, but ever since i got it, it's been pretty slow because of Windows 10. So far i like it enough, there'​s a few things I'm not sure how to do, like to kill apps without using the terminal as there is not ctrl-alt-delete function. I'm also having issues installing chrome, and I'm really not a fan of Mozilla Thunderbird email client either. I'll have to see what my other options are as far as that goes. Downloaded steam, however I've yet to play anything on it but it seems like most of my library is compatible with Linux. I'm curious about Wine as well as i think ill need it for some functions on my laptop.
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