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comporg week4

February 11th, 2019

This week in comporg we made more roms with the 6502 libraries in C. This was interesting to me because im almost starting to understand how this works with the screen addressing and all. However this almost seems cheaty to me because i feel like its not as low level as it should be. Id imagine coding in raw assembly would be absolute hell and it would be really annoying and tedious to see where your bugs are. God bless C. I really would like to see what else we could do with this 6502 stuff just from scratch instead of pulling from tim cheeseman. I also feel like learning ARM assembly could be of certain importance.

sysprog week4

February 11th, 2019

This week in sysprog we messed around with more and more SDL stuff. Its a lot of fun using SDL consdiering two semesters ago in C i had the hardest time learning how to use it because i was thrown code with absolutely no context on how to use it or what a library even really was. I think its interesting to see how each individual thing works, like with our cat sprite and the step counter as well as the timings and timers. Its crazy how all that stuff is done in the background with just a simple function call. It makes me wonder how the heck the people that made SDL even figured out how to do that. Its gonna be a lot of fun when we can make our own little game with it ill be anxious to see what i can come up with. Hopfully it will be something original :).

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