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 +=====comporg week3=====
 +====February 5th, 2019====
 +This week in comporg we looked at more NES stuff. This week we made an NES ROM, that looked liek a cool title screen that would cycle through colors in a fancy way. Today we are making a movable sprite with a controler to make a more game like experience. Im learning more and more about pattern tables and stuff like that and its really exciting because i used to play and collect NES games when i was younger so its really exicitng to see how it works and actually make what they made. I just wonder how people learned this stuff then, because it seems so abstract to me even though it should be painfully stupid. Im excited to see what the rest of the semester has in store for me.
 +=====sysprog week3=====
 +====February 5th,, 2019====
 +This week in sysprog we messed with more SDL. I like SDL a bit more now, and almost like it more than the tiles in comporg, because its a bit higher level and makes more sense to me. I like our cat sprite it makes me happy and im excited to do more with it. Id like to play with SDL at home more but sadly calculus and physics are my life right now. I think that sysprog and comporg kinda go hand in hand because they show both sides of the spectrum, higher level graphics and lower level. And its really neat to see stuff you make on the screen for once instead of in the terminal with text only.
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