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 Player palette is now 0x1 Player palette is now 0x1
 +SWARM boss patterns:​\\ ​
 +Boss 0: slowly moves upwards until it is gone\\ ​
 +Boss 1: moves around, seems to stay near edges\\ ​
 +Boss 2: Moves kinda quick, pattern can be found out rather quick\\ ​
 +Boss 3: Moves quickly, not as threatening pattern\\ ​
 +Boss 4: not implemented yet\\ 
 +Boss 5: not implemented yet\\ 
 +Wanted patterns\\ ​
 +Boss 1: stays nears edges of screen, single projectile\\ ​
 +Boss 2: moves diagonally, 2 projectiles\\ ​
 +Boss 3: Moves in box pattern, 3 projectiles\\ ​
 +Boss 4: 2 patterns, straight line horizontal shooting projectiles,​ then spiral outwards from middle\\ ​
 +Boss 5: all 16 sprites split apart, each has their pattern, they reconvene at certain spots for a second\\ ​
 +Music implementation,​ reachable? If its possible why not\\
 +Starting screen completely possible, be made up soon\\ ​
 +player hit detection, may be another 400 lines of if statements but totally doable, double that for player 2\\ 
 +score and health, implementation is easy, just needs to be done\\ ​
 +other levels? before the deadline, probably not, as long as the SWARM level is done, I'm happy\\ ​
 +other modes? possible, vs mode seems reachable but main game comes first\\ ​
 +player 2, main screen will ask for players, player 2 wont spawn for 1 player\\ ​
 +This weekend will determine how I feel on the other aspects, although:​\\ ​
 +  * Starting screen menu
 +  * Finished SWARM level
 +  * hit detection
 +  * score/​health
 +  * Queen patterns
 +These seem the most doable
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