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 Just tryin to understand Just tryin to understand
-===Nintendo age tutorials===+music.txt
-1Core programming concepts:\\  +wine ./​tools/​text3data.exe ​-ca65 music.txt 
-Instructions ​smallest command run, one after another, NES has 56\\  +-> music.s
-Variables ​place to store modifiable data\\  +
-Control flow - instead of sequential, code can jump around\\ ​+
-2NES System Architecture\\  +include famitone2.h library ​in code
-KB - Memory size is listed ​in KiloBytes or KB. 1KB = 1024 bytes. Everything is powers of 2, so 2^10 = 1024 is used instead of 1000. If the capitalization is different, the meaning can change. Kb is Kilobits. Divide Kb by 8 to get KB, because 1 byte = 8 bits. +
-ROM - Read Only Memory, holds data that cannot be changed. This is where the game code or graphics is stored on the cart. +Make sure the values are the values you think they are
-RAM - Random Access Memory, holds data that can be read and written. When power is removed, the chip is erased. A battery can be used to keep power and data valid. ​ 
-PRG - Program memory, the code for the game  
-CHR - Character memory, the data for graphics ​ 
-CPU - Central Processing Unit, the main processor chip  
-PPU - Picture Processing Unit, the graphics chip  
-APU - Audio Processing Unit, the sound chip inside the CPU  
-6502 references pages:​\\ ​ 
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