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jsamson3 February 18-22, 2019
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 =====unix break1===== =====unix break1=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====February 18-222019====
-Filler textyour entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+During this break period, I played around with some commands. 
 +One command in particular that I was curious about was grep. What caused for this need to know more about this command was because of my new common interest in Tetris. With Tetris 99 being the lastest Fortnite killer, I have been watching some videos on the game. Which lead me to start playing the tetris-bsd game in Bash. As I played I realised how much of a noob I am, and how I need to know how others are able to play this game for hours on end. But, how do I find people to talk to. OH! THAT'S RIGHT, there is a command for wanting ​to see who is running that game at the current moment.
 +ps aux | grep tetris-bsd
 +when I inputted that command, I saw that no one was playing the game... But who really plays Tetris over break am I right... haha... *cough*
 +But anywhooooo, now knowing that no one plays Tetris, I started to think about the command grep. What is grep? I know I wrote about it in a previous journal, however, what does it do? How can I used it? So I started to read up on it.
 +What I took away from this was that it is able to show details on a specific thing you want to know about. SO in this case when I run my command from earlier I can see status on myself and others who are playing it at a given time.
 +But, I am still learning and what a break this was.
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