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 =====comporg week3===== =====comporg week3=====
 +Sprites are stored in a grid that goes from 0x00 to 0x16 on the X axis and Y axis.  This allows for 254 "​block"​ to be accessed. ​ Each block can hold an 8x8 pixel "​sprite",​ or in many cases a part of a larger sprite. ​ These blocks can be referenced either in their current orientation,​ flipped, or rotated. ​ These sprites can then be formed into micros and macros to make larger sprites, but without using up valuable visual memory. ​ Then these sprites are placed onto the screen, with 0,0 being the top left corner of the screen. ​ This is important to remember if we want to orient something in the middle of the screen, as we will have to place the sprites by using their upper left corner as a reference for placement. ​ Colors of said sprites can also be manipulated and changed, and sometimes even cycled using loops.
 ====January 31, 2019==== ====January 31, 2019====
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