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 =====comporg week10===== =====comporg week10=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====April 10th2019====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+NES game is fully playable and running. ​ Was able to redraw background with the LANCER logo on the very top, so it stays as a static sprite. ​ Haven'​t quite figured out how to make a proper title screen, but i found a work around. ​ Got score display in each corner and then a W or L depending on if the player won or lost.  It's fast paced, simple, and fairly lightweight. ​ Only 28k!.
 =====hpc0 week10===== =====hpc0 week10=====
 ---- ----
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