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 alias is a shortcut to a command alias is a shortcut to a command
 alias blah ="echo '​hello'"​ alias blah ="echo '​hello'"​
 +CONTROL "​a"​ start to command line
 +CONTROL "​e"​ end of command line
 +CONTROL "​h"​ is backspace
 +CONTROL "​i"​ tab
 +CONTROL "​j"​ new line or enter 
 +CONTROL "​k"​ delete from cursor to end of line
 +CONTROL "​l"​ form feed or clear the screen
 +CONTROL "​s"​ will stop transmitting
 +CONTROL "​q"​ will continue transmitting
 +CONTROL "​r"​ reverse i search (history search)
 +CONTROL "​t"​ swaps characters
 +links2 is a text-based web browser
 +wget is a non-interactive network down loader
 +curl transfers a url
 +to kill a command type ps to find its PID 
 +kill -l
 +kill -1 1618
 +kill -9 nothing can prevent it 
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