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 ====MONTH Day, YEAR==== ====MONTH Day, YEAR====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+Well, it has been an interesting time with that past three projects. First with spf0... That was a real pain! But we made it through as a group and had 2 fully functioning scripts by the end of it. Pigrep However was an absolute pain to script, partially because of how we chose to let up the filtering conditions for the variables. Overall not bad. Next was a spin on a prior project with Unix pipe fun 1 or upf1. With this one, we did unit conversions between a variety of silly, and useless archaic units. This was a fun project with some of its subtlety, and need to look at specific man pages created for the commands. Following came the easy, but deceptive challenge of usr0. This projects came with the deceptive package of a game called urev. With urev, the players'​ knowledge of chmod, and its associated permissions were put to the test. Each round a series of 12 sets of permission combinations were put on the screen, and the user was prompted to input the correct chmod combination for that set. That is all fine and easy no problem. The issue was that the minimum required questions answered was 144 up to a max of 192, and between each round, a time delimiter was placed for 2 hours. So while the premise of this project was super simple the time management required was much greater. I was also mad at myself because I jipped myself off of a perfect max score by fat fingering... ;(  Anyways the project was really fun and slightly harder to manage than I had anticipated. Now to one of the more fun, but challenging projects... pct0. This will 100% be some of the most fun for me personally as it has such good merit as a puzzling time waster in meeting :). This project puts aside scripting and slides into the world of critical thinking. The idea is that it is a long division problem, but all of the numbers are replaced with a corresponding letter. This means that relationships have to be established between all of the letters, and extrapolated on in order to find the appropriate letter-number pairs and solve the puzzle. This will be fun! 
 +Thats it for nowSee ya next time! 
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