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This was a really good break week… except for all of the time it wasn't. I started out this week working a 14-hour work shift on Sunday. Then on Monday, I had to go to work early and put in another long day because I had to miss some days later in the week, but that wasn't bad. Tues I went to work in the morning and then worked on homework ( becoming a better mage in the process). Later that evening I went to the movies to relax. On Wednesday I left early with my cousin to got up and do a duel trip to Buffalo University. He was going up to do a college tour there, and I was going up to visit my best friend. That went well up until it was time to leave where we got caught in an ice storm. It was all going good, then all of a sudden we looked up at the top of the windshield was cover in full layer of ice. Then Thurs I finished all of the rest of my hours at work, and promptly went home and crashed. After crashing I woke up and felt terrible. I got the flu. I then battled the flu for the rest of the break. The End.

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