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 =====unix week7===== =====unix week7=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====March 13th2019====
-Filler ​text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+This week in UNIX we learned about regular expressions and extended regular expressions. They function somewhat similar to wildcards, but have slightly different usages. The basic regular expressions we learned are: 
 +   * ^ match beginning of line 
 +  *  $ match end of line 
 +  *  \? match zero or one of the previous 
 +  *  . match any symbol 
 +  *  * match zero or more of the previous 
 +  *  [] match any enclosed character 
 +  *  [^ ] exclude matching any enclosed character 
 +  *  \< match beginning of word 
 +  *  \> match end of word 
 +The extended regular expressions we learned are: 
 +    * + one or more previous 
 +  *  | or 
 +  *  () group 
 +  *  \(\) regex group 
 +They'​re similar to wildcards in the sense that they help identify patterns in strings, and reg expressions can be combined in a number of ways to find really specific patterns of text. Which is super useful! Except for the fact that im not super good at using them, but im sure that with enough practice/​familiarity they'​ll feel like second nature. 
 +This week's project was the web page adventure, which is an early form of a web-based game where you make a series of decisions (by clicking through a series of links, essentially) until you either meet the end goal or get a game over screen. This project seemed really intimidating to me as I have had no prior experience with HTML, but once I got started I realized it was much simpler than I originally thought. and I ended up having a lot of fun figuring out how to change the text color, add images, add button links, etc. 
 +The concept for my game was loosely based off the video game Pikmin for the Nintendo GameCube. In Pikmin, you play as an astronaut who crashes into an unknown planet. The planet'​s atmosphere is poisonous, and you have 30 in-game days to recover 25 of the 30 missing pieces for your spacecraft. Creatures named pikmin live on the planet, and you recruit them to help you find the parts.  
 +The synopsis for my game is almost nearly identical, minus the actual pikmin. And theres only three parts that need to be found for the ship, rather than 25. Finding 25 parts would'​ve taken a TON of .html files, and probably would'​ve taken absurdly long.
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