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unix week3

February 5, 2019

Week 3 is just about done. I can't believe how fast it's going by. I'm enjoying it so much that it is feeling like a breeze. Sometimes I go too fast with the projects that I forget to do the steps file. So I just delete all of my progress that I've done and start from scratch just for the fun of it. I've learned about this directory that leads me to many Linux games for me to pass the time. I'm getting close to the top 20 leader board on tetris, maybe I should stop. Besides that I have learned about the pipe. It makes doing many tasks all into one command but, it can only be used with certain command or you'll get a error or you'll mess up your terminal and have to exit. I've also found some commands to reorganize files without using the text editor. Using the SORT command I can sort in alphabetical order and if I add a -n I can sort by numerical string order. Also I can replace characters with the SED command. The way that it works is you type sed -i “ which means in place of” 's/previous character/new character/g' The g means globally or it with replace all utterances of the character in the file. Also I learned about permissions using the CHMOD command. CHMOD can change permissions by adding different numbers to the end like 700, which gives all permissions. The number is read by single digits or one at a time. So 700 turns into 7 0 0. Well anyways before i start rambling on about Linux, i'll have to say goodbye!!!

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