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 -------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
 Typing "​wemux"​ brings you into a shared terminal Typing "​wemux"​ brings you into a shared terminal
 +Using "| more" on commands that produce standard output shows a screen full of commands and then stops until the user gives input to continue showing commands such as hitting space-bar or enter
 +Example: "ls -l **| more**"​
 +Using "| less" on commands does something similar to more
 +Example: "ls -l **| less**"​
 +"​wc"​ is used for word count
 +Example output "​140 ​ 1299  7454" 140 is number of lines, 1299 is number of words, 7454 is number of characters
 +**Proper Pipe Usage** ​
 +1: Non-interactive commands
 +2: Only commands that generate standard output
 +3: Only commands that take standard input
 +**HINT** **ls z null zero tty 2>> /dev/null >> /dev/null**
 +Removes shown info from ls
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