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sysprog week6

February 28th, 2019

And tisk it is another week! And SURPRISE! WE HAVE A PROJECT TO DO!! So this journal entry shall be a big one :). Well maybe it will be a big one XD SO! I have gone into photoshop and made jesus and I a sprite sheet for our game… Still have yet to rig it up because I didn't give myself permissions to the folder in the group directory… So! I didn't bother with implementing it. Hopefully tomorrow I will have access to the directory so I can try and get that rigged up. Now something to note is that I have been playing around with the hit boxes that we did in class and I still haven't figured out how to get the x axis hit box. Sucks to be an idiot lol. Guess that means moar time is needed to try and figure it out :P.

Just for easy access Aight, so this image caused so much of a headache XD. Only because when uploading the image the image size was changed, making it so that the sprite sheet didn't make any sense XD. So yeah, that's what happened during our class time on Tuesday :P.

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