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 ====April 10, 2019==== ====April 10, 2019====
 +So to start of this week we finished spf0, with our groups. To finally be done with this project is a relief, for as much as I like have a bunch of //if// statements within //if// statements, along with trying to get cut and grep to work. However once it was figured out once, it was a simple copy and paste to figure out the rest. On the next class we learned of our new assignment, LONG DIVISION YAY! But wait whats this? We’re doing math with only numbers, when did I go back to being a math major? Either way we are now learning how to prove things which can be useful for figuring our logical statements that the computer will interpret. Along with aiding our problem solving skills. So far they seem to be quite challenging,​ but not in sense of wanting to give up because they are hard. No its the kind of challenge that keeps you going till you complete it, like playing dark souls. Even though I will say that cannnot WAIT to do them every week next semester. So I may as well have fun with them now, so that they will be fun later. Either way back to proving; this is done by taking established proven concepts, like how subtraction works with numbers, and applying it to these numbers so as to figure out what each number is. For instance, if on the tail end of one of subtraction problems we have a //“t - z = t”// this would mean that //z// is equal to zero since any number minus something and equals itself is will always have the something ​ be zero. And this only works if the subtraction is on the end for unless we already know that //t// wasn't being borrowed from //t// could have been borrowed from the number before it. And that Ladies and Gents is just the beginning.
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