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unix week7

March , 2019

wpa0 requirements
1 start, 1 final, and 9 pages in between
map from the start room
3 fails ( )
3 sub-directories ( )
4 images (1, )

Format requirements:
bold text
underline or italics
font size or color change

Ideas for wpa0
Awakened guardian
ghost image
boss image
rez image
hive image
map image


start(in base folder paths are subs) awaken with a sharp breath sitting straight up, ghost looks at you “are you ok, takes some getting used to, among other things, the powers you have now allow you to be rezed from death we gotta get a ship and get outta here” (generic for beginning and after death) [ghost image]

one way for map [image](also in base dir)

ghost points out the cabal base and strange readings from the abyss

way for guns

find armory (Cabal inside)\\
  grab grenade launcher to attack (not read info, bouncy grenades u 

way for getting to boss

dead patrol "getting close" (rasputin level devestation)\\
mess w/ terminal, call backup and get crushed by pod (enemies now 
here rez elswhere)\\

walk past\\
  get to boss\\
    punch him (you arent a titan)\\
      promptly cleaves you in two\\
    "did you say something about super powers?"\\
      flaming revolver kill everything [image], get codes,enter 
    sneak to the ship\\
    psion lookout spots you and snipes you, dead instantly\\

way for explore (death by hive)

deep abyss (dark presence)

jump straight down (miss double jump and die)(darkness supresses 

safe way down\\
  see hive bowing before green rune covered ring with wizards 
  hovering around [image] (ghost "bad feeling about this")\\
    go back\\
    get closer\\
    ear piercing screams, mostrous ogre [image] quick death, thralls 
    feed on your corpse\\
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