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Unix Week6

Feb 26- Mar 5, 2019

Extended Command Mode -':' this enters this mode

-'set' commands

-'number' gives line numbers without adding them to the file itself
-'tabstop=(number)' sets tab length usually should be 4
-'shiftwidth=(number)' something else to do with formating, usually the same as tabstop length
-'smartindent' auto indents code
-'cursorcolumn' highlights the current column
-'cursorline' highlights the current line

Other commands
-'syntax on' color coded based on the file type

-'colorscheme (scheme)' you can tab thru the options

-'(number[,range])copy(number)' copies the first number line to the line after the second number

-'move' works the same ^^

-'(range % does all)s/(search)/(replacement)/' search and replace (normally only does it for the first occurrence, add g to do it for all)

can use regular expressions like '.' (all) '[a-z]' (all lowercase letters)

-'r' read in the contents of whatever you specify


You can add a no before some of these to turn off (i.e. smartindent)

You can call vi with more than one file to open all then cycle through with :n and :N

~/.vimrc is a config file so you can have certain settings run every time you open vi

Shell scripting

start with '#!/bin/bash' this makes sure bash runs the script

for math operations

If statement

if [ condition ]; then
elif[another condition]; then
# if preceding conditions are false commands
#do this if nothing is true

Spacing Matters
When comparing vars, spaced comparison sign
When assigning vars, no spaces near assignment operator

Other Notes

For loops preserve their variable outside the loop (so be mindful of naming)

How to generate a random number

(Between 1 and 100)

How to receive input
read (var for storage)

- 'break' will break a loop in the middle

Double parentheses is a pocket of arithmetic

How to check for additional command line inputs
if [ ! -z “${1}” ]; then (if the additional argument is not nothing)

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