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unix week4


ps aux | grep tet
shows how many people are playing tetris ;)

Some commands have slightly different behavior when the absolute path is called.

-a for ls shows files that start with a .

In /var/puclic/spring2019/templates there is .Xsession a file that configures the display and window manager of the terminals
You can use comments to choose which one you want
fvwmrc file determines how the fvwm manager works and displays

.bash_history is where the command history (up and down arrows) comes from


Look at the man page for bash under prompting, these can be used when reassigning PS1 (the normal prompt)
If you like the changes then apply the changes in this file

Change mesg n to always turn messaging off

You can tell it to always tag a -a to the end of ls
You can make your own command shortcuts with alias both inside and outside this file (only will be saved when inside the file)
Like to always enable mouse support on nano.

See also .ssh

Control Commands:
“^d” signifies end of file
“^c” interupts the currently running process
“^a” moves to beggining of the line
“^e” moves to the end
“^h” is backspace
“^g” is the ding sound
“^k” deletes from your cursor to the end of the line
“^s” stops all output
“^q” turns is back on
“^r” starts a past command search, type what you are looking for and it will begin to show you (use ^r to show the past match)
“^t” swaps characters
“^u” deletes from the cursor to the beginning of line
“^v” can be used to capture things like ^g (like for using it in a script)
“^z” pauses a program

links2 is a text based web browser
wget is a non-interactive network downloader (downloads the files found at the given URL)
curl is compatible with more protocols tho

ps shows your running processes
kill -l shows ways to kill
-1 hangs up like a phone
-2 is like ^c
-3 is like pressing close
-9 is the all-powerful kill nothing can stop it (use it sparingly, interupting some processes can corrupt data)
-19 is like ^z

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