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unix week 1

January 22, 2019

How to claim participation points:

-type: wcp unix wcp(week number)

How to get into the class chat

-login to lab 46

-type: screen -ls

-if no sockets type: screen

-type who

-type: '^A' then: 'd' to detatch

-type: 'screen -r' to reatatch

-type: 'irssi'

-type: '/connect irc'

-type: '/join unix'

-use alt and a number to switch channels

Other various commands

-pwd (lists current directory)

-cd with dirictory name (change directory, alone for home, .. for last)

-hg add (alone adds all, tag filename to the end to add that file to repo)

-hg status (shows status of files in dir)

-hg commit -m “text here” (tracks changes with a comment)

-hg push (adds commits to repo)

-mkdir to make new directory

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