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 =====unix break2===== =====unix break2=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH Day, YEAR====+====March 28--April 10, YEAR====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+Finally finished spf0 as well as upf1.\\ 
 +Over break usr0 was assigned. It is a game of sorts based on knowing the proper octal values of file permissions. I need to do 196 but am only allowed 12 at a time with 2 hours in between.\\
 +'​x'​ is worth 1 (executable)\\
 +'​w'​ is worth 2 (write)\\
 +'​r'​ is worth 4 (read)\\
 +There is a value that comes before the user, group and other fields. This single value gets its number from SetUID, SetGID, and Sticky Bit.\\
 +An '​s'​ in the '​x'​ field of the user section ('​S'​ if there is no '​x'​ under it)\\
 +An '​s'​ in the '​x'​ field of the group section ('​S'​ if there is no '​x'​ under it)\\
 +Sticky Bit=1:\\
 +A '​t'​ in the '​x'​ field of the other section ('​T'​ if there is no '​x'​ under it)\\
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