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 ====MONTH Day, YEAR==== ====MONTH Day, YEAR====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+We are heading towards the end of the semester and everything is going according to the plan. This is week 12 and the week that has the last projects. I am really happy that we are finishing this semester, because when I look back I know that I had a great experience and I also learned a lot of new skills and improved my reasoning by taking this class. It was a great class but it still has not finished. This week we are solving a 12 base long division puzzle and we are writing a program that requires an algorithm to draw a circle out of squares. This project is going to be very interesting. I like the fact that we only have to work on the algorithm, because the rest of the program is ready to grab from another directory. This really is a relief, because all the program requires a lot of work to be written. This week I did the fwf0 and pctB project. I enjoyed both really much, especially fwf0, where we had to write a program using gdfun. We had to draw 2 flags of different difficulties and I chose the flag of Burkina Faso and the flag of Cuba. At first I thought that drawing a star would require a lot of work, but after I understood how all this works it wasn't that hard. Also, I really like the long division puzzles that are solved in a base another than base 10. It is very fun to solve them, because I like thinking and reasoning differently. It is very nice to think out of the box and in this case, that's what we are actually doing by solving those puzzles. Another thing I wanted to talk about is the End of Course Experience. I am really looking forward to learning what project ​this will be and start working on that so I can also gain bonus points for that. I want to get things done early so I can stay calm and not worry at the very last day
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