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kdrake11 pointer notation arrays in C
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kdrake11 11sep19 - array pointer notation, node structures, some basic unix command usage
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 =====data week4===== =====data week4=====
 +linked list - nodes - struct containing data and the '​next'​ node in the list.
 +=====discrete week4=====
 ---- ----
 to use pointer notation for an array in C: to use pointer notation for an array in C:
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          -^^ to access data at index          -^^ to access data at index
 +=====unix week4===== 
 +use mv to rename files 
 +file - gives file information 
 +.xx* is not a file type; is a naming convention 
 +can '​cat'​ '​tac'​ '​rev'​ to a file 
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