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 exit 0 exit 0
 +cal Calendar Prints a nice calendar out for you
 +cat [file1] ([file2]).. Concatenate Sends the output of one or more files to the screen
 +cd [path] Change Directory Takes you to the specified path
 +chmod [shield] [file] Change Mode Changes the Shield on a file
 +chown Change Owner Changes the owner of a file
 +cp [src] [copy] Copy Creates a copy of a file or directory
 +df Disk Filesystems Shows the partitions and filesystems of the computer
 +echo Echo Prints something to the Terminal
 +fg Foreground Brings a job to the foreground
 +file [file] File Prints the type of file
 +grep [text] [file] Grep Grabs text you asked for
 +jobs Jobs Shows current jobs in the background
 +kill Kill Kills a process
 +less [file] Less Allows you to read a file with many pages easily
 +ln [file1] [file2] Link Links two files together
 +ls List Prints the contents of the directory
 +mkdir [name] Make Directory Makes a directory with the specified name
 +more [file] More Allows you to read a file with many pages easily
 +mv [src] [dst] Move Moves a file or directory to a new location
 +nano Nano One of several text-editors
 +passwd Password Changes your password
 +pico Pico Another text-editor
 +ps Process Status Shows information about running processes
 +pwd Present Working Directory Prints the absolute path of the directory you are in
 +rm [file] Remove Removes a file
 +rmdir Remove Directory Removes an empty directory
 +su Switch User Switches you to another account
 +sudo Superuser Do Allows you to run root commands
 +touch [name] touch Creates a blank file
 +wc Word Count Counts words for you
 +who Who Shows all mages currently in the Tower
 +whoami Who Am I? Prints your username
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