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 =====c4eng week11===== =====c4eng week11=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR==== +====November 62019====
- +
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove this line to receive full credit.+
 +this week is a drag, I am getting very behind in all my classes and it's all my fault so I should stop that. I am still scared for the end of course experience since I am struggling on making a flag. oh well. pctB was actually pretty good, although it was so hard to check I don't even know if it's right but I did it and fee; pretty confident about it. That is all set and good. fwf is not. I'm turning it in as is to get some credit but its just bad, and im confused. I will try harder on the next one but this got the best of me. I don't understand 7 pointed stars that are really small. probably because I'm not that smart. Anyway, next week is the base 12 puzzle that im both excited and terrified for. It could be a really fun challenge that is satisfying to figure out, or could be the end of me that i will see in my nightmares because i can't figure it out. and i don't even want to think about cos0 rn, i dont even. not a little bit.
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