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 =====c4eng week11===== =====c4eng week11=====
 ---- ----
-====MONTH DayYEAR====+====November 62019====
-Filler text- your entry goes here; remove ​this line to receive full credit.+PctB was rather easy, however I had a few problems with it, mainly due to me forgetting it was in a different base. The first time I attempted it I got some of my values wrong because when I was borrowing I was supposed to take 10, which has a value of nine in base 9, but instead I was taking the value of 10 from base 10. I got those issues solved rather quickly. Fwf0 was probably my favorite project as of yet. I didn't attempt extremely difficult flags, but they were still fairly challenging. The first thing I approached was making the star for my Cameroon flag. Rather than making it with a polygon and plotting each point I made it with a circle and then used the arcs to cut out pieces, making it look like a star. I did the same thing for my second flag, Azerbaijan, only this flag has an 8-point star. I approached it the same way by making a circle and using the arcs to cut pieces out. This time I was much more precise, however, and its much more symmetrical. My star was basically just a guess at what to cut out until it looked good enough. I hope we continue working with this program making different graphics. Also I have really enjoyed making the simple video game that we've been working on in class. I've always loved video games, but I don't think I've ever really realized all that goes into making the games we play every day.
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