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a cerebration of multifarious extrapolations of pattern

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Following are links to share with the group. Attempt at alphabetizing, be sure to add categories as you see fit.

3D Printing


Life/Productivity Hacks

Computing (Programming/Systems Administration)

C programming

Computer Organization

Embedded Systems / Single Board Computers

Systems Programming



If you've got a writeup on some project, passion, amusement, or fascination (here under haxx, elsewhere on the lab46 wiki, or hosted somewhere else entirely), please post it so that others can check it out!



Raspberry Pi/SBCs



The case for useless skills


Are there things you've taken from your LAIR/Lab46 experience and benefit from its application or practice in your journey? Feel free to share, or confirm, such nuggets of wisdom:

  • be specific with your praise, and generic with your criticism
    • bureaucracy loves positive acknowledgement. Makes good filler for year-end reports.
    • bureaucracy loves to “fix things”, especially things they don't necessarily understand. Don't let it.
  • the truth, until it is ready to be accepted, will otherwise be perceived as a lie.
  • a persistent quality of humanity is its ability to endure failure. Never underestimate this ability.
  • if you're not one to climb ladders and pursue markers of progress, identify the infrastructures of “advancement” at seek to dive beneath them.
  • ALWAYS establish and be on good/friendly terms with the support staff.
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