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 ====The good==== ====The good====
-Still, I maintain hope and inspiration in seeing what the good students are capable of achieving:+Still, I maintain hope and inspiration in seeing what the good students are capable of achieving, with suitably-themed emphasis (ie "video games"​):
-  * taking after my exampleor taking my advice, and running with it: I show them basic information design ideas and encourage regular documentation,​ and they start to perform the practicerealize how valuable it is to document ​their progress+  * students showing up not only in time for classbut BEFORE class begins. Eager to get startedor spend more time on their class-related endeavors
-  * even if unfamiliar with certain technologies,​ the students ​who take the time and effort to use themeven for other purposes, has consistently enhanced their comprehension ​and overall success ​in the class+  * students ​showing confidence ​and excitement in their work, and speaking of it in broader and more abstract perspectives than just specific actions they'​ve taken on their project
-  * asking various ​questions ​that aren'​t ​directly related to class materialbut more around the edge; this shows deeper thought ​and exploration of the concepts. +  * questions ​are more detailed, fluent, and conceptual: possessing a greater awareness of the situation (they don'​t ​"​don'​t know"they instead realize ​challenge ​and apply some reasoning ​to what that challenge may be). 
-  * some excellent time management skills. Students who immediately start and set to work on a project once it is released, with regular questions being asked, often having the task completed (and deeper understanding gainedwith a considerable amount of time remaining until the actual due date+  * in collaborative efforts, ​the work load is shared; I am not seeing one act as parasite off anotherInsteadeach person plays off their strengthscollaborating ​and contributing in productive fashion.
-  * community: my room often becomes a student life activity of sorts. Students will flock to my room around their main classes to spend time working on their projects and interact with other students ​in the program. It has been quite rewarding experience. +
-  * creativity / thinking outside the box: my classes tend to be a first opportunity to truly start problem solving and thinking outside the box. For many, their prior educational experiences have not been encouraging of such activitiesso my classes tend to give them an environment to start actively ​and critically thinking, and even more importantly:​ exploring and playing.+
 +Admittedly, it is very inspiring to experience these sorts of interactions from my students. It reminds me of the days when students naturally came into my classes possessing of these attributes, versus me having had to personally cultivate it in baseline fashion in each of them.
 ====specifics==== ====specifics====
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