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 +=====Monitor Web Access/​Error Logs=====
 +Every access or error to any web resource hosted on Lab46 is carefully recorded in the web server'​s logs. Because Lab46 hosts information for many users, as well as its own web sites and wikis, a user interested in just their information would quickly be overwhelmed by the mass of information present in these files.
 +To compensate, a facility has been rigged up to allow per-user filtering of the web server logs. If you are in a web technology class or are working on a site in your Lab46 web space (~/​public_html/​),​ you may have an interest in seeing what is going on.
 +The log information is not instantaneous- it is updated every few minutes, and only for users who have initialized this functionality for their account.
 +To do so, read on...
 +=====Initialized User Web Access/​Error Logs=====
 +If you are interested in viewing the logs for your web area on Lab46, you must follow these steps:
 +  - If you have not yet done so, log into the Lab46 wiki.
 +  - Point your web browser at: http://​​logs/​username (substitute your actual Lab46 username in place of "​username"​ in that url. Be sure **NOT** to put a trailing slash on the URL).
 +  - You should get the "This topic does not exist yet" filler message
 +  - Click the "​Create this page" link
 +  - Enter something to make this page non-empty (a space, some random letters, whatever)
 +  - Hit "​Save"​
 +  - Wait about 5 minutes
 +  - Try reloading the page
 +There you have it! Your web logs page will continue to be updated from this point out.
 +=====Ongoing access to your web access log page=====
 +Once you have initialized it, for any future reference you merely point your browser at
 +  * http://​​logs/​username (again, substituting "​username"​ for your actual Lab46 username).
 +Note that this page is accessible **ONLY** to you and instructors (so they may assist in troubleshooting),​ so you will need to be logged into the Lab46 wiki to view this information.
 +The enabled status of this feature MAY be reset after each semester or academic year. At such a point, you'd merely have to reinitialize to continue usage.
 +=====Disabling access to your web access log page=====
 +If for whatever reason you no longer wish to have the system filter your logs in this fashion, you may disable this feature simply by editing the page, removing *ALL* text, and clicking "​Save"​.
 +This will remove it from the wiki, and will no longer be included in the log update.
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