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Tim Wojtyna Spring 2016 Opus


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C/C++ Programming Journal

C Week 1

I do not see a huge issue with figuring out how to program in the C language. It seems to be very similar to java which I learned a lot about in Structured and Object Oriented Problem Solving. The concepts and syntax are really the only things to get down. One thing that I found interesting is using int for more than just numbers. It might start to become confusing when trying to remember keywords and not using ones from java instead of C.

C Week 2

UNIX/Linux Fundamentals Journal

U/L Week 1

Some concepts are pretty easy to understand just because they resemble things that I have done in the past. Some things I will have to get used to are doing things such as getting to the irc and mail and back out again. I still find myself trying to type in the terminal without moving the mouse over to it. The repository stuff such as adding, commiting, pushing, and pulling are just reinforcing information that I learned in Structured and Object Oriented Problem Solving. I do like that I can access lab46 from any unix/linux device. This is definitely going to be the best class I take.

U/L Week 2

As I get used to the Linux environment more and more, I can understand why a lot of people use it. Linux is a lot easier to use if you know your way around a command line interface and how to navigate through files. Windows is steadily growing more annoying to me, with it basically holding your hand the entire way like it assumes you are either a small child or someone who has never used a computer before.

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